About Whole Body Transformation

Whole Body Transformation is a division of Whole Body Research, a research firm that has spent years studying the most effective weight loss programs on the market. Through years of study we have learned of many problems with current weight loss programs.

Because of all the problems in the weight loss industry, we have spent years in the lab perfecting one of the most effective weight loss programs in existence. After hundreds of hours of testing, The 90-Day Whole Body Transformation Challenge and its Transformation Kit is finally ready! Not only will you be able to compete with your friends and try to lose weight in record breaking time with this program, but you will also get 100% natural nutrients in the form of fruit shakes that taste great and help you take the weight off and keep it off for good.

We are very excited that the Whole Body 90-Day Challenge and its Transformation Kits are ready for everyone to use.

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